Schemes and Administrators

Prime Cure’s extended service offering provides medical schemes and employer groups with a unique, comprehensive service offering that meets the needs of all South Africans.

We are an accredited managed care organisation offering doctor-based primary healthcare and emergency in-hospital care to medical schemes, employers and cash patients. We specialise in the low to middle income group offering tailor-made products that meet the needs of this market. We focus on product development as well as cost and infrastructure management and have a proven track record in providing affordable, effective and sustainable products.

Extensive provider network
Prime Cure was the first provider that saw the importance of freedom of choice; patients are therefore not restricted to a single healthcare provider but may move freely within the extensive Prime Cure accredited provider network. The company’s national network consists of approximately 3 000 General Practitioners and 4 000 associated healthcare professionals including dentists, optometrists and pharmacists.
Quality assurance
While Prime Cure’s healthcare services are cost effective, they are also of the highest possible standard. We have quality assurance measures in place to ensure that all patients visiting either a medical centre or network healthcare provider will always be guaranteed the most appropriate healthcare services.

Prime Cure makes use of evidence-based clinical protocols that are continuously refined and updated by a team of healthcare professionals. Considerable emphasis is placed on the data that facilitates our risk management.

Kaelo Prime Cure administered medical schemes and insurance options

Scheme Option
Medical Schemes Anglo Medical Scheme Value Care Option
Suremed Health Medical Aid Scheme Explorer
Suremed Health Medical Aid Scheme Shuttle
Medical Insurance Plans Kaelo Health MyHealth Plus
Kaelo Health MyHealth Core
Kaelo Health MyHealth Vital
Kaelo Health Access
Kaelo Health Accident cover
Kaelo Health Extended Accident cover
Flexicare Flexicare
Flexicare Flexicare Plus
Flexicare Corporate
Flexicare Agility
Dis-Chem Health Medical Insurance MyHealth Core
Dis-Chem Health Medical Insurance MyHealth Plus
Dis-Chem Health Medical Insurance Accident Cover
Dis-Chem Health Medical Insurance Extended Accident Cover