Prime Cure Networks

Prime Cure has existing relationships with a large number of healthcare service providers including general practitioners, dentists, optometrists, specialists, pharmacies and private hospitals.

Through its infrastructure and contracted service providers Prime Cure offers its policyholders / members a well-established, contracted network providing national coverage in both rural and urban areas. Prime Cure is continuously growing and expanding our network in order to provide adequate and reasonable access to policyholder’s / member’s home and work. Prime Cure believes that our stable, well managed provider network is crucial for the delivery of cost effective primary healthcare services.

To ensure an informed and compliant network Prime Cure has provider relationship managers whose sole function is to contract and educate providers on the Prime Cure offering, formulary compliance while rendering assistance with queries. Providers are regularly visited by their dedicated relationship manager who remain in close contact with providers at all times. This support team receives ongoing training on all relevant issues such as benefits, operational issues, technology developments and Legislative developments that may impact providers.

In order to respond to the rapid growth currently experienced by Prime Cure and to establish capacity and geographic accessibility the Network process is dynamic and constantly evolving.

Website Information

Service Providers can access important tools such as provider remittances, manuals, forms, formularies and any other pertinent information such as processes and protocols from this Prime Cure website or click on the following link to register and access the Prime Cure Health dashboard (see button below)

Providers are encouraged to register on the website to obtain a user name and password.

Update of your Practice contact details

Provider communications are sent covering a variety of topics. It is important for both providers and policyholders / members to be informed about operational matters as well as the managed care principles of their medical scheme.

Prime Cure has relationship managers situated nationally. These qualified staff members regularly interact with providers through personal visits and telephone calls. Providers are requested to inform the relationship managers of any changes that include practice details, contact particulars and professional status. An alternative would be for the providers to contact their allocated Relationship Manager or to communicate any changes by email to the allocated email address or or call the Prime Cure call centre on 0861 665 665. This ensures that the database of our contracted providers remains fully up-to-date.

Prime Cure encourages providers to submit electronic claims for their mutual benefit. The reason for this is that claims submitted via EDI are processed and paid in less than seven days following receipt thereof. This allows for the provider to immediately detect incorrect details on the claim and to rectify and re-submit these immediately.