Schemes and Administrators

Schemes and Administrators

Prime Cure’s extended service offering provides medical schemes and employer groups with a unique, comprehensive service offering that meets the needs of all South Africans.

We are an accredited managed care organisation offering doctor-based healthcare to medical schemes, employers and cash patients. We specialise in the low to middle income group offering tailor-made products that meet the needs of this market. We focus on product development as well as cost and infrastructure management and have a proven track record in providing affordable, effective and sustainable products.

Extensive provider network

Prime Cure was the first provider that saw the importance of freedom of choice; patients are therefore not restricted to a single healthcare provider but may move freely within the extensive Prime Cure accredited provider network. The company’s national network consists of approximately 3 000 General Practitioners and 4 000 associated healthcare professionals including dentists, optometrists and pharmacists.

Quality assurance