About Prime Cure Health

Leading Integrated Healthcare

Prime Cure is an accredited managed healthcare organisation providing health care services to medical schemes, insurers and employer groups across a wide range of options.

Prime Cure Health is 100% owned by Kaelo. Kaelo provides innovative, essential, healthcare solutions enabling the physical and psychological wellbeing of all South Africans.
Through innovative products and services, we assist clients in taking care of their health, protecting them from life-threatening illnesses, helping them proactively manage chronic diseases and supporting members and their families in managing the strains and stresses of modern life.

Our highly experienced and passionate staff include counselors, psychologists, doctors, nurses and therapists that deliver a range of services such as medical gap cover insurance, executive health programmes, on-site clinics, executive and staff training workshops, a fully-fledged employee assistance programme (EAP) and primary healthcare products.

Our teams of health professionals foster enduring client relationships built on trust, integrity and hands-on participation. With Kaelo, you can expect exceptional value, a solid return-on-investment and technical expertise, to enhance and protect the health and wellness of all our clients.

Kaelo have a range of clients, from large corporates to private individuals, taking care of the health and wellness of more than 651,000 South Africans. Some of our clients include the following well-known South African companies: Airports Company SA, Astral Foods, Bidvest, Dimension Data, Edcon, Gold Fields, IDC, Mr Price Group, Plascon, PwC, Santam, and Sun International.

Prime Cure Health’s offering includes permutations of primary (general practitioner, acute and chronic medication, basic radiology and pathology), secondary (specialist consultations, auxiliary services) and tertiary benefits (hospitalisation).

Prime Cure's managed healthcare delivery system has been extremely successful over the years, particularly amongst the low-income market. Now, with the company extending its product range and provider network still further, members have a greater choice of doctors to choose from. As a result of Prime Cure's enlarged network of expert healthcare providers and the freedom its members have to consult or nominate a practitioner within the network, more and more middle and higher-income patients are making use of our services. They too are asking themselves the question: "Why shouldn't I get top quality healthcare for less".

Prime Cure Health members may decide to choose a capitated healthcare option through a medical scheme or a fee-for-service option and enjoy the same range of benefits offered at any of our medical centres, irrespective of whether they are on a managed healthcare plan contracted to Prime Cure, a traditional medical scheme product or a cash-paying member.

Prime Cure Health's capitation healthcare system, on the other hand, involves an agreed upon set fee that is paid to Prime Cure by the medical scheme in accordance with the benefits Prime Cure is contracted to deliver. This system, which has proven to be highly successful over the years, has the additional advantage of ensuring that the general practitioner is the gate keeper and doctors are encouraged to follow a preventative approach to healthcare.

Prime Cure Health is offered to individuals or to medical schemes and companies as a highly flexible product. Members have access to a 24-hour medical helpline (Tel 0800 665 665) manned by healthcare professionals, integrated HIV/AIDS programmes (including voluntary counselling and testing, ongoing monitoring, anti-retroviral treatment, immune building and education) and other disease management programmes.

Disease Management

Prime Cure's disease management programme has as its priority the health and wellness of every member. At the same time it closely manages and monitors treatment in order to ensure that the costs associated with illness are appropriate. Patients are therefore treated in accordance with strict guidelines and algorithms that are in line with international best practice guidelines. The Prime Cure disease management programme treats patients in a holistic manner, taking into account all aspects of the health and well-being of each individual.

Our HIV/AIDS programme is comprehensive, providing voluntary counselling through to treatment and monitoring of the patient. It provides for all consultations, pathology and medications, including anti-retroviral treatment and prophylactic medication for TB.

Our options include permutations of primary (general practitioner, acute and chronic medication, basic radiology and pathology), secondary (specialist consultations, auxiliary services) and tertiary benefits (hospitalisation).